The Internet shopping mall for black Martine Sitbon of Superior Holdings Co., Ltd. always strives to keep customers’ personal information secure and safe.


1. Consent to Collection of Personal Information

The Black Martine Sitbon Shopping Mall (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) assumes that a customer consents to the contents of the personal information policy or its terms of use if he or she clicks on the “Consent” button.


2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

Purposes for collecting and using personal information of customers are as follows.

- Individual identification for the use of membership service
- Prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized use 

- Provision of contents, notification of events and prizes and product delivery
- Individual authentication for product purchase transactions and payment service

- Utilization in marketing and advertisements for providing optimal services


3. Collected Items of Personal Information

The Company collects only the information necessary for providing basic services, and in the case of collecting information for providing customized services based on individual tastes and preferences, additional consent is obtained.

The Company collects and uses the following types of personal information:

- Collected item: ID, password, surname, name, address, nation, telephone number, gender, date of birth, credit card information and access log

- Purpose of use: User authentication, response to complaints made by the user, address and telephone number identification for delivery and provision of payment services


4. Method of Collecting Personal Information

The Company collects personal information from sign-up and consulting procedures, events, assigning companies or affiliates, mobile phones and tools such as cookies as customers use wired or wireless Internet.


5. Term of Storage and Use of Personal Information

The Company will dispose of personal information immediately after the purpose for its collection and use has been achieved; provided, however, that the following types of personal information can be stored for the specified period of time for the following purposes:

a. Company’s Internal Policy

- Fraudulent and unauthorized use by undesirable users (individual identification information such as name, ID, password, email address, date of birth and gender)
  Grounds for storage: Prevention of fraudulent and unauthorized use
   Storage period: One year after membership cancellation

b. Storage of Personal Information in Accordance with Relevant Laws

In case there is a need to retain personal information according to relevant laws such as Commercial Code and Laws on Consumer Protection for Electronic Commercial Transactions, the Company shall possess users’ personal information for certain periods under such relevant laws.


6. Procedures and Methods of Disposal of Personal Information

The Company will dispose of personal information immediately after the purpose for its collection and use has been achieved.

- In principle, personal information that users entered for membership is transferred to and stored in a separate database for a specific term in accordance with the internal policy and other relevant laws on protection of personal information (see “Terms of storage and use of personal information”) and is discarded immediately after the purpose for its collection and use has been achieved.


7. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Except for the case where a customer consents in advance or relevant legislations are stipulated, the Company shall not provide personal information of customers to a third party or use for any purpose other than the use stated in “Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information”. However, the Company may provide or share personal information of customers to or with a third party in the following cases where the Company provides convenience or enhances its quality of service.

a. When a prior consent from a user is obtained

b. When an investigating authority requests provision of personal information for purposes of investigations in accordance with procedures and methods set out in relevant laws and regulations, the procedure is made for obtaining prior consent from a user, and when the user does not consent, the Company shall not provide personal information to a third party.


8. Reading, Correction and Withdrawal of Personal Information

You may read or correct your personal information whenever you wish. If you want to read or correct your personal information, please click the button of “My page”.

In case of a non-member, he or she may check his or her personal information and purchase history after individual authentication.

In case where a customer requests the correction of wrong personal information, the Company shall not use or provide such personal information until the correction is completed.

In a case where incorrect personal information is provided to a third party, the Company shall immediately notify the result of correction to the third party. 


9. Installation, Management and Rejection of Automated Collection of Personal Information

The Company installs and operates tools such as cookies, which are used to find, collect and store your personal information automatically to provide personal and customized service. Cookies are very small text files that the server used to operate the Company’ web site sends to users’ browsers and are stored on the hard disk of users’ computers. Cookies identify users’ computers, not users individually.

a. Purpose of Use of Cookies

To implement target marketing and to provide customer-tailored services, the Company analyzes the types of the Company’s service that customers visit, the frequency and time of visits by website members.

b. Installment/Operation and Blocking of Cookies

- Users have the right to install or block cookies. Therefore, they can either permit all cookies by using a certain option in their web browser, or confirm cookie installation every time, or block the installation of all the cookies.

- If you block cookie installation, you may encounter problems in receiving the Company’s services such those required to log in.

- For further information on installing/blocking cookies, please refer to the help contents in your browser.


10. Consignment of Processing of Personal Information

The Company may outsource the process of personal information of customers to other professional company to a limited extent in order to enhance the quality of service and its provision. The Company notifies the name of an outsourcing company, the type of service and the scope of assigned information on the homepage. 

The Company shall clearly stipulate the information about the strict observance regarding the protection of personal information by service providers, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of provision to a third party, liability in case of accidents, term of outsourcing and return or destruction of personal information after the process is completed, and the Company shall keep such contents of a contract in written or electronic form. 


11. Protection of Personal Information of Non-members

In case of orders by non-members, the Company requires personal information necessary for delivery, payment and checking an order and purchase.

The information on a payer and recipient that non-members write shall not be used other than for purposes regarding payment and product delivery. 


13. Articles

The Company shall keep articles written by users safely and strive to protect them, not to damage, falsify or delete. Exceptions are as follows. 

a. Spamming articles (e.g. advertisements for a specific web site)

b. Articles with the intention of slandering by distributing false information

c. Articles exposing others’ personal information without consent, violating the rights including the copyright of Superior Holdings Co., Ltd. or a third party and articles without relevance to the bulletin.

d. In case of disclosing others’ personal information, the Company shall post an article by deleting specific parts or modifying with a symbol for desirable Internet culture.


In principle, all the relevant rights and responsibilities are on an individual writer. As it is difficult to protect the information that is spontaneously disclosed by the article, please think carefully about the release of information.


14. Management of Personal IDs and Passwords

Your ID and password shall be essentially used only by yourself. In a case where the Company has no intention or fault for the stealing of ID and password or problems that occurred by the use of others, the Company shall not be responsible for any losses. 





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